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Functional Medicine Health Coaching

Hi my name is Reevian, I am the founder of Tune to Travel and a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach. My mission is to help people with autoimmune conditions adopt more positive lifestyle habits, to both prevent and reverse imbalances in the body.  Moving beyond the diagnosis-prescription model, I guide you on a journey of self-discovery empowering you to make positive changes to your diet and lifestyle to embrace higher levels of energy and joy.


FMCHC Coaching

FMCHC has been exciting as I feel this extra support in healthcare is the missing piece that can motivate and support patients on their journey to wellness. As a health lifestyle coach, I encourage my clients to understand the intrinsic motivator that they need to actually make and sustain lifestyle changes. As we now know, there is much more to health then fad diets and unsustainable exercise regimes.

My training is backed by scientific evidence. Additionally, it is supported by doctors who address and resolve the cause of illness, not just the symptoms. They take a wellness approach to health, rather than a sickness based approach; fighting illness after you start feeling sick. This mindset is very empowering as it entails that you can take control of your health. My hope is that you empower yourself, get the right knowledge and support you need in order to take the right action and achieve the outcomes you desire.

Elevate your Health

At Tune to Travel, you will find a certified health and wellness partner to help you overcome the feeling of helplessness due to your chronic illness. I will encourage you to embrace self-care, re-frame negative thinking and support you in improving levels of joy and connection to regain more energy and control of your life.

Increase your chance of success by working with a health coach. I will support your growth to make self-directed, lasting lifestyle changes that align with your values. I hope you are inspired to take action and embark on this part of your journey with me. You will gain a higher level of self-motivation and empowerment, and learn more tools to help you live the best version of yourself.


…It started as an adventure as this is the first time I encountered Functional Medicine Health Coaching in my life but by the end of my first session I knew this was a very positive addition to my life. Reevian was very methodical, patient, knowledgeable and understanding.  The small tools she gave me during our short time working together have improved my life. I highly recommend you go on this journey with her.

Melanie Al Nammeri
Texas, USA

Reevian is spiritual, wise and inspirational. After 6 bi-monthly coaching sessions it changed my life. My weight goals were reached effortlessly as I lost 20-25 lbs, which I am loving! The sessions are now working on ‘insurmountable’ personal business matters … it’s possible thanks to Reevian’s guidance and encouragement. She works from a place of love and a depth of experience. Love moves mountains!

Leyla M.

…Unlike other help I previously had, I immediately felt how Reevian was truly genuine and dedicated to helping me. She gently took me through the subtle but the right needed changes, while being so understanding.  For once I really changed my habits. Many many thanks Reevian!


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