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Travel into Heart-Centered Wellness

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Enhance awareness of what you eat, drink, think and do to find more inner balance for better health.

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Get instant access to the Tune-to-Travel Journey Within

Welcome to Tune to Travel

Walk your path to wellness with Functional Medicine Health Coaching

Hello! My name is Reevian, I am the founder of Tune to Travel, a heart-centered health coaching model to help you reclaim your well-being.

My mission is to help people with autoimmune conditions create more health-sustaining habits by making more positive lifestyle choices to both prevent and reverse imbalances in the body. Moving beyond the diagnosis prescription model, I will guide you on a journey of self-discovery and empower you to make changes to your mindset, diet and lifestyle to embrace a more energetic and joyful life.

I became a wellness coach because, like many of my clients, I’ve experienced my own health challenges. I know what it feels like to be a patient with a chronic disorder and I understand the frustration and confusion that can come with a diagnosis. 

A New Path

Get the support you need on your health journey

Whether you are here because you yourself suffer from chronic health conditions or someone you love does, I am here to be your greatest ally.

The most important part:  you believe there is hope for your situation-that you can do more to give yourself a more purposeful, aligned and awakened life.

Perhaps you never knew there were so many actions you can take to support healing within your body, but I will help guide you each step of the way to rediscover yourself, inside and out, in a new light.

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You may be here because you or someone you love have been diagnosed with a chronic condition such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer, or an autoimmune disorder. You may have been experiencing symptoms for some time despite taking your medications. You may believe that there is more you can do to restore your health. I’m excited to tell you, YES!

There is so much you can do to support healing within the body and I can support you on your healing journey. I don’t diagnose disease or treat symptoms but rather work in partnership with you to explore your current lifestyle habits; how you sleep, think, eat and move. Using positive psychology and various tools and techniques, I guide you to make self directed changes that promote healing, either discovered through our work together or prescribed by your health care provider.

Dive Deeper

I know that Lifestyle Medicine helps

As a National Board-Certified Health and Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC), I focus primarily on supporting people with chronic disorders. I became a wellness coach because, like many of my clients, I’ve experienced my own set of health challenges. I know what if feels like to be a patient with a chronic disorder and I understand the frustration and confusion that can come along with a diagnosis.

Diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis more than 15 years ago, I found that a holistic approach to health-rebalancing the mind, body, and soul- is fundamental to healing and reducing inflammation in the body.

Is Tune to Travel for you?

I know it is important to you are able to find someone you can trust, relate to, and connect with on a deeper level as you begin the uniquely ‘you’ quest to health improvement.  I am prepared to treat each client with individual care as we explore you you STEM (sleep, think, eat and move.)

With a heart-centric strategy, I use various tools and techniques such as mindfulness meditation and goal setting to assist you in making the needed changes to enhance our quality of life- today, body, mind, and spirit.

Here, you will be able to:

Re-assess Stressors

Re-asses stressors in your life and move towards a better social, psychological, and biological response to stress.

Have a Positive Ally

Have an ally who listens, affirms and acknowledges you.

Find More Stability

Find more balance in all aspects of your health.

Learn New Techniques

Learn tools to adopt a more positive mindset.

Gain Clarity

Gain a sense of control over your health.

Nurture Your Life

Nurture your life with compassion and kindness.


What people are saying

Knowing there are so many people out there suffering with chronic disorders, I feel the need to help others using the skills, resources, education and passion I have for healing.

Conventional medicine may diagnose and treat disease, but it is less adept at helping you change your behavior.  Therefore, a health coach is ideal in encouraging you to make lasting lifestyle improvements as you reach a deeper sense of purpose and develop overall wellness.

According to a 2014 systematic literature review, health coaching was found to lead to  statistically significant improvements in weight managements as well as physical and mental health in adults with chronic disease.

Are you ready to take personalized actionable steps to elevate your health?

Our sessions together and continuous correspondence has helped me become more content and healthier. N.D.- New Jersey, USA

Working with Reevian surpassed my expectations. I expected to learn and benefit a thing or two but through her vast wealth of knowledge, kind, and friendly demeanor, I benefitted immensely. She even inspired me spiritually, mentally and healthily. I learned how to eat, breathe, and even sleep better. Our sessions together and continuous correspondence has helped me become more content and healthier. I have truly benefitted and would highly recommend Reevian as a health coach.

Reevian gave me the strength I needed... Rania Samaha - Saudi Arabia

Yesterday I was clever so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise so I am changing myself.” Rumi Reevian gave me the strength I needed to change the way I think, spend my time, relate to others, eat, sleep and exercise. I am beyond grateful to her.

My weight goals were reached effortlessly..... Melanie Al Nammari - Texas, USA

Reevian is spiritual, wise and inspirational. After 6 bi-monthly coaching sessions it changed my life. My weight goals were reached effortlessly as I lost 20-25 lbs, which I am loving! The sessions are now working on ‘insurmountable’ personal business matters … it’s possible thanks to Reevian’s guidance and encouragement. She works from a place of love and a depth of experience. Love moves mountains!

My sleep pattern improved significantly... Cosmin Voisan - Netherlands

Working together with Reevian was life changing. Before starting, I had difficulties finding the energy needed to fulfill all my goals and felt drained. Eliminating stress causing foods from my diet, adding in more movement into my routine while eating a rainbow of colors helped me in gaining that strength needed to successfully achieve all my goals. My sleep pattern improved significantly and now I am more aware of the importance of sleep and why I should never neglect it. The best part of the journey was that I successfully understood the power of gratitude, this helped me to relieve stress and to be more mindful. Reevian helped me transform towards a better version of myself. She is very organized which I deeply admire and appreciate as a coach and leader. Reevian is the best coach I’ve had so far and working together went really smoothly. I enjoyed every minute of it.

For once I really changed my habits... Leyla, M. - United Arab Emirates

I needed to write this to express my immense gratitude to Reevian for having helped me make such a positive and significant change in my life and my well-being. This was only possible though Reevian’s invaluable encouragement and genuine drive to help me. Unlike other help I previously had, I immediately felt how Reevian was truly genuine and dedicated to helping me. This was reflected all along. She gently took me through the subtle but the right needed changes, while being so understanding. Even helping me work around my many unexpected challenges. Her compassion and patience throughout was what made a big difference for me this time. For once I really changed my habits. Not just temporally but as long term life habits. She has truly empowered me and above all inspired me in life to keep going no matter how small my steps are. Many many thanks Reevian!

The tools she gave me have improved my life... CH-Jordan

I had the pleasure of working with Reevian for a while now. It started as an adventure as this is the first time I encountered Functional Medicine Health Coaching in my life but by the end of my first session I knew this was a very positive addition to my life. Reevian was very methodical, patient, knowledgeable and understanding. She helped me structure all these major goals I have always wanted to achieve for my well-being like lose weight, sleep better and eat more healthily into achievable steps. The small tools she gave me during our short time working together have improved my life. I highly recommend you go on this journey with her.

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