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Find Inner Peace


99 Divine Names or Attributes of the Creator

Meditate on the Divine Names as you give vibrant life to each page. Deepen your perception of yourself as you contemplate the meaning behind each beautiful Divine Name.

Unique Patterns Of Varying Difficulty

This book can be shared with the whole family, from children to adults. You can decide whether you prefer a simple, minimal design or a more complex design.

Perforated Pages Help You Tear, Frame, & Share

Remove pages from your book for easier coloring accessibility. You may also choose to display or even gift a Divine Name design to someone you care about.

Divine Names Mindfulness Coloring Book Details

Contemplate the Divine Attributes as you color

The creation of this mindfulness coloring book began in the hope that it will help you unwind, settle down, and enter a calm, flowing state of mind

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Available at Readers and DNA Bookstores in Jordan and Kinokuniya Book Stores in the UAE. Each copy sold will contribute to feeding those in need across Jordan.

About the book


The creation of this mindfulness coloring book began in the hope that it will help you unwind, settle down, and enter a calm, flowing state of mind. As you color, tap into your breath, connect to your heart, the doorway to the healing light of the 99 Divine Names, or Divine Attributes of the Almighty.

Shade in colors of your choice with crayons, pencils, or felt-tip markers to generate a sense of stillness and wellness. Enter a peaceful place as you color and relax and immerse yourself in this soothing activity, stimulating areas in your brain related to motor skills and creativity.

Let the act of coloring remind you of the importance of slowing down, releasing your creative side, and appreciating the beauty found within. The unique, arabesque graphic designs range in difficulty, inviting you and your family to participate at your own pace and suit your mood. Perforated pages allow you to easily tear out your artwork to share, frame, or gift.

The Love, The Light, The Grateful


We carry these sacred names and more in our hearts. I am continuously encouraged by each of these spiritual concepts as I help you build a positive lifestyle that promotes health renewal. 

By tapping into these Divine Attributes and opening your heart to their messages, you can attract a deep, meaningful transformation in your body, mind, and spirit.

In conjunction with the health coaching techniques I use with you, my Divine Names Mindfulness Coloring Book not only aids you in establishing affirmative habits, but supports you in continuing to walk your healing journey after our sessions together.

Get started today, so you can take more control of your health and regain more energy and vitality.

wellness coach

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