Abu Dhabi, UAE


I Benefitted immensely

Working with Reevian surpassed my expectations. I expected to learn and benefit a thing or two but through her vast wealth of knowledge, kind, and friendly demeanor, I benefitted immensely. She even inspired me spiritually, mentally and healthily. I learned how to eat, breathe, and even sleep better. Our sessions together and continuous correspondence has helped me become more content and healthier. I have truly benefitted and would highly recommend Reevian as a health coach.


New Jersey, USA

Reevian gave me strength

Yesterday I was clever so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise so I am changing myself.” Rumi
Reevian gave me the strength I needed to change the way I think, spend my time, relate to others, eat, sleep and exercise. I am beyond grateful to her.

Rania Samaha

Saudi Arabia

Enjoyed Every Minute!

Working together with Reevian was life changing. Before starting, I had difficulties finding the energy needed to fulfill all my goals and felt drained. Eliminating stress causing foods from my diet, adding in more movement into my routine while eating a rainbow of colors helped me in gaining that strength needed to successfully achieve all my goals. My sleep pattern improved significantly and now I am more aware of the importance of sleep and why I should never neglect it. The best part of the journey was that I successfully understood the power of gratitude, this helped me to relieve stress and to be more mindful.  Reevian helped me transform towards a better version of myself. She is very organized which I deeply admire and appreciate as a coach and leader. Reevian is the best coach I’ve had so far and working together went really smoothly. I enjoyed every minute of it.

Cosmin Voisan


My weight goals were reached

Reevian is spiritual, wise and inspirational. After 6 bi-monthly coaching sessions it changed my life. My weight goals were reached effortlessly as I lost 20-25 lbs, which I am loving! The sessions are now working on ‘insurmountable’ personal business matters … it’s possible thanks to Reevian’s guidance and encouragement. She works from a place of love and a depth of experience. Love moves mountains!

Melanie Al Nammari

Texas, USA

A new Beginning

A few years ago I was diagnosed with IBS, Fibromyalgia, hyperthyroidism and Hashimoto. My hair started falling and I gained 23 kilos. Each day became a real struggle to live my life normally. I forgot how I used to feel and live before having all these diseases. It became so difficult to even imagine feeling normal again.

From the first session Reevian made me think about how to structure my ideas and goals in a way that I’d never thought of before because life totally put me in a dark corner mentally and physically. She used a holistic approach, which helped me focus on the things that really mattered to me and helped me find ways to achieve them.

Holistic Approach . . .

Reevian’s approach was about understating my childhood and different stages in my life, family history, my daily habits, my thoughts, and my stress and symptoms. She put all those pieces together and created my own matrix and timeline. It was an eye opener, exploring journey and a new language!

Sunshine . . .

Before I started coaching I was looking for something that would help me move on and this is what Reevian did. She helped me explore and learn more about food plans and diet, practice breathing technique, reading useful resources she used to share, setting useful goals every session and following up with me between sessions. She helped me create new habits like walking 30 min each day, doing stretching a few times a week, eating healthy food and portions, drinking more water and sleeping better.

The symptoms are not gone but they are much better than before. I feel healthier and lighter and my fatigue is less. She even inspired me to continue reading and exploring new things.

Her consistency and support has been amazing. She is so kind, professional and very compassionate.

In a few words … She brought sunshine into my world.

Thank you Reevian!

Technology Executive

United Arab Emirates

Reevian has empowered and inspired me

I needed to write this to express my immense gratitude to Reevian for having helped me make such a positive and significant change in my life and my well-being. This was only possible though Reevian’s invaluable encouragement and genuine drive to help me. Unlike other help I previously had, I immediately felt how Reevian was truly genuine and dedicated to helping me. This was reflected all along. She gently took me through the subtle but the right needed changes, while being so understanding. Even helping me work around my many unexpected challenges. Her compassion and patience throughout was what made a big difference for me this time. For once I really changed my habits. Not just temporally but as long term life habits. She has truly empowered me and above all inspired me in life to keep going no matter how small my steps are. Many many thanks Reevian!

Leyla, M.

United Arab Emirates

Highly Recommended

I had the pleasure of working with Reevian for a while now. It started as an adventure as this is the first time I encountered Functional Medicine Health Coaching in my life but by the end of my first session I knew this was a very positive addition to my life. Reevian was very methodical, patient, knowledgeable and understanding. She helped me structure all these major goals I have always wanted to achieve for my well-being like lose weight, sleep better and eat more healthily into achievable steps. The small tools she gave me during our short time working together have improved my life. I highly recommend you go on this journey with her.